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 South Korea | 2023 | Color | Documentary | 75' 


DCP | Korean



Triggered by his mother’s passing in 2016, director Jéro Yun takes us into his world full of reflections about life and death. While seeking for answers, we dive into his memories of his late mother’s last days and witness daily lives of a funeral director and a cleaning specialist who cleans the homes of those who died alone. Through observations and discussions, he extends the same questions to those who face and deal with deaths on a daily basis.


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International Sales 

Jéro YUN

Jéro YUN

Jéro YUN

NAM Heeryeong

Jéro YUN

Jéro YUN

KIM Inyoung I The Flame

JUNG Yunjae

LEE Ginam

Beansroad Pictures


Asian Shadows

 FESTIVALS, selective list 

- Cannes IFF 2023, Official Selection, Special Screening

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