Hong Kong | 2020 | Color | Road Movie| 114 min 

Qing smoking

Qing smoking

Argue part two

Argue part two

Main still

Main still

Qing with Daughter

Qing with Daughter

Cry together Part two

Cry together Part two

DCP I Mandarin I 24 fps I 16:9 I Dolby 5.1


What feels like an ordinary weekend outing, paying a visit to grandpa, a young couple gets into a heated argument exposing their resentments, past lies, an old lover, a missed birthday, a possible divorce and a death. But have they told each other everything?


- Visions du Réel 2020, Burning Lights Competition

- DMZ International Documentary Film Festival 2020

- Filmfest Hamburg 2020








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International Sales

Ching Chau, William Wong, Siu Syut Wong, Fuk Kwok Wong, Yuk Kwan Lau, Sai Chuen Chau

William Wong

Dik Hin Wong, Bing Shui Fan, Ming Yeung Woo

William Wong

Chung Ho Wong

Suet Lee, Kwan Lau

Fei Chang Mei Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

Ching Chau, Hok Pok Wong, Yeung Lee

Asian Shadows


- First IFF Xining 2020

          Best Narrative Feature

          Best Performer

- Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival 2020, Mexico

          Best Director in New Horizon Competition

Qing with Daughter