WANG Xiaozhen




Born in 1989 in Linyi, Shandong Province, China, Wang Xiaozhen graduated from Northeast Normal University in 2012 majoring in Film and TV studies.


In 2013, he wrote and directed his first feature film AROUND THAT WINTER (Tianyuan Jiang Wu/田园将芜).

Selected as the opening film of the Beijing Independent Film Festival, the film won the Best Debut Film Award at the same year edition of the China Independent Film Festival.


LOVE POEM (Qingshi/情诗) is his second feature film.


LOVE POEM (Qingshi/情诗 )

2020, feature

AROUND THAT WINTER (Tianyuan Jiang Wu/田园将芜 )

2013, feature, 96 min

- China Independent Film Festival 2013, Best Debut Film Award