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Director, screenwriter

Joseph Mangat is a Filipino filmmaker that shuttles back and forth from New York and Manila. He has written, directed and edited multiple short films that garnered awards and screened at various festivals. He was the recipient of the Uniondocs and Rockefeller Editing fellowship and was on the Creative Capital 2014 On Our Radar List. He was mentored by Professor and filmmaker Jean-Pierre Gorin (a former Jean-luc Godard collaborator) at the University of California, San Diego. He holds an MA in TV, Film and New Media from San Diego State University where he graduated with honors while receiving the Student Emmy Award, Kathleen Kennedy Fellowship, Fotekem Scholarship and Focal Press Best Student Film Award. He has also worked for numerous non-profit groups including Pacarts as a film programmer and film instructor and at the Tribeca Film Institute producing and directing video content for their various programs and events. A few years ago, he decided to explore his roots in the Philippines. His latest short film, Patayan (Killings), is a brutal glimpse at the ongoing drug war in the Philippines; the film reenacts a series of vigilante killings.

DIVINE FACTORY will be his first Observational Documentary. 


(International Sales: ASIAN SHADOWS)

Observational Documentary  (in Post - Production)
2018, Narrative Short
- Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2018
- San Diego Film Festival 2018
- Athens International Film and Video Festival 2018
- Cinematografica Film Festival 2018
2013, Narrative Short
- National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 2013, Best Student Production
- Grantee of FotoKem Student Filmmaking Award 2013
- Excellence in Filmmaking Award by FocalPress 2013
- Big Muddy Film Festival 2014
- Ohio International Film Festival 2014
2012, Narrative Short
- Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2013, Golden Reel Best Short Film Nominee
- Athens International Film Festival 2013
- San Diego Asian Film Festival 2013
- Grantee of Kathleen Kennedy Award 2013
- Vidsee (Online Short Film Platform) 2015
2011, Narrative Short
- San Diego Asian Film Festival 2011
- San Diego Asian Film Festival 2011, Best Short nominee
- Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2012
- The Standard Print (online) 2012