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 France - China  - Japan | Color | Drama  In development 

裂陽 / Lieyang
Group of children Kunming 1944


For forty years, Wu Jun has lived an ordinary life, having a decent job and a contented family in the Liaoning province. But this morning in June 1985, everything is about to collapse.
Wu is unexpectedly told that he is not Chinese but a Japanese war orphan adopted by Chinese parents. His real father might not be the Beijing opera-lover whom he grew up with but instead a Japanese peasant who died during the Japanese occupation of Manchuria.
Now, he must confront his Chinese mother, the woman who might not have given him birth but everything else. If it is true, what will become of his family? Would his two children and his wife, whose grandfather was killed by the Japanese troupes, stay by his side?
Confused and ashamed, he is forced to revisit the brutality of war and its profound consequences. This personal and national identity struggle will embark him on a journey of soul searching.







Caroline VEUNAC


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