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Director, cinemathographer

Born in 1972 in China, Yang Lina graduated from the Art Academy of the People’s Liberation Army in 1995. She then danced and acted in numerous ballets, theater plays and feature films, including Jia Zhangke’s PLATFORM (Zhantai/站台). Yang Lina started her work as an independent documentary filmmaker in 1997. Her first film, OLD MEN (Laotou/老头), about the daily life and loneliness of her old neighbors, was crictically acclaimed internationally.


After an even more personal work, HOME VIDEO, about Yang’s own family history and trauma, she then filmed retired couples who meet and fall in love on the dance floor in the gardens of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven: LET’S DANCE TOGETHER (Yiqi tiaowu/一起跳舞) and THE LOVE OF MR AN (Lao An/老安). She returned to her neighborhood for MY NEIGHBOURS AND THEIR JAPANESE GHOSTS (Wode linju shuo guizi/我的邻居说鬼子), where she interviewed elders about their impressions and memories of the Japanese during their occupation of China. Her last documentary, WILD GRASS (Yecao/野草), follows kids from an orphanage in the North of China over the course of 14 years.


LONGING FOR THE RAIN (Chunmeng/春梦) is her first fictional film.

In 2019, her second feature, SPRING TIDE (Chunchao春潮) was premiered in Competition at Shanghai International Film Festival.






2022, Feature

LEAP OF FAITH (Shao Nv Yu Ma 少女与马)

2020, Documentary

SPRING TIDE (Chunchao春潮)

2019, Feature, 124 minutes

- Shanghai International Film Festival 2019, Competition


(International Sales: ASIAN SHADOWS)

2013, Feature, 98 minutes

- Rotterdam IFF, Competition, Special Mention

- Hong Kong International Film Festival

- Sydney Film Festival

- Edinburgh International Film Festival

- Vancouver International Film Festival

- Taipei Golden Horse Awards, Nomination


WILD GRASS (Yecao/野草)

2009, Documentary, 75 minutes (Co-produced by INA and Arte)

- Vienna Film Festival


MY NEIGHBORS AND THEIR JAPANESE GHOSTS (Wode linju shuo guizi/我的邻居说鬼子)

(International Sales: ASIAN SHADOWS)

2008, Documentary, 52 minutes

- Hong Kong International Film Festival


THE LOVE OF MR. AN (Lao An/老安)

(International Sales: ASIAN SHADOWS)

2008, Documentary, 85 minutes

- Hong Kong International Film Festival, Competition

- Amsterdam International Documentary Festival

- Vancouver International Film Festival

- Melbourne International Film Festival

- San Sebastian Film Festival, Digital retrospective


LET’S DANCE TOGETHER (Yiqi tiaowu/一起跳舞)

2007, Documentary, 78 minutes (Produced by NHK)


HOME VIDEO (Jiating luxiangdai/家庭录像带)

2001, Documentary, 60 minutes

- Leipzig Film Festival


OLD MEN (Laotou/老头)

1999, Documentary, 94 minutes

- Yamagata Festival, «Merit Prize»

- Leipzig Festival, «Golden Pigeon» and jury prize

- Cinéma du Réel, Paris, SCAM prize

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