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Director, screenwriter

Tsunemachi was born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1997. He studied drama at Tama Art University and also entered The Film School of Tokyo when he was a sophomore student. His first short film Namigiwa, completed as part of the elementary course at the film school, was selected for many film festivals in Japan and won five prizes.

Drifting Flower, Flowing Days is his first feature film.


Drifting Flower, Flowing Days

(International Sales: ASIAN SHADOWS)

Female (short fiction, 2019)

In this her days well in her own way. One day, she finds an angrily handwritten notice which could change the world she lives in. This story is the prologue to her life’s world, everyone has unspeakable emotions. Mika is a “female” living in this world and she has been spending.

- Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2020, International Short Film Competition

- The 14th TOHO Cinemas Student Film Festival

- The 31st Tokyo Student Film Festival


Namigiwa (Short fiction, 2018)

In a small port town, Daigo is about to graduate from high school, and Hiroto, who was not able to attend school, works in the town. The everyday life of the two friends is going to change as a special day awaits the two of them. This is the story about two boys wavering on the gap between "adulthood" and "childhood".

- Yokohama Independent Film Festival 2018, Best Film Award in Short Film Category

- West Tokyo Citizens' Film Festival 2018, Best Film / Best Technical Achievement

- The 7th Kansai Student Film Festival, Audience Award (Grand Prix)

- SeishoCinemaFes 2nd, Grand Prix / Best Actor Award (Hiroki Sato)

- TOKYO Tsukiichi Film Festival, Grand Prix

- Yasujiro Ozu Memorial Tateshina Highland Film Festival 2019, Runner-up for Grand Prix

- JCF Student Film Festival, Runner-up for Grand Prix

- Hamamatsu Film Festival 2018, Best Newcomer Award

- The 20th Nagaoka Indie Movie Competition, Honorable Mention

- The 3rd Sekizen Islands Okamura Island Film Festival, Best Cinematography Award

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