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 USA | 2019 | B&W / Color | Creative Documentary | 68 min 

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.52.49.png
动物方言 / Dongwu Fangyan
Breathless Animals-7
Breathless Animals-8
Breathless Animals-9
Breathless Animals-13
BA 1
Breathless Animals-16

DCP | Chinese | 29.97 fps | 4:3 | DOLBY 5.1/Stereo


"What did you dream about and how was your life as a teenager?" A woman recalls her youthful memories of her 1970’s while the re-creation of the modernity of the past of China unfolds in front of our eyes. One day, the first breathless animal appears to her, a White horse…


- Berlinale 2019, Forum

- Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2019, Film Forward Section

- Art of the Real 2019 @ Lincoln Center

- Jeonju IFF 2019, Korea, International Competition

- DOCUMENTAMADRID 2019, Spain, Competition

- Open City Documentary Festival 2019, UK

- Vladivostok IFF 2019, Russia

- Singapore IFF 2019, Singapore

- Cinéma Vérité 2019, Iran, Best Mid-length Documentary



- Cinéma Vérité 2019, Iran

          Best Mid-length Documentary




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See-Ray Studio

Asian Shadows


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"There is much to learn about Lei’s process and his vision of history"

-- James CANSDALE-COOK, Asian Movie Pulse

"A hypnotic and postmodern entity built upon the breaking down of mediums, Lei’s piece is more art than story, more artefact than film, and might just be the poster-child for a cinéma concrète."

-- James CANSDALE-COOK, Asian Movie Pulse

"One of the more perplexing ‘films’ you are likely to see in 2019"

-- Asian Movie Pulse 

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